YUST PUST Foundation

Our Mission

YUST PUST Foundation (YPF) is committed to advancing educational and humanitarian efforts in Northeast Asia through Christian-based spiritual, academic, and financial resources in North America. 

About Us

Since 2010, we have played a vital role in raising public awareness, recruiting faculty, and providing financial management for our educational institutions. We also assist with humanitarian efforts benefiting vulnerable children in the region.

Our organization consists of dedicated volunteers who have experience teaching on the ground at our schools and are passionate about humanitarian aid efforts in Northeast Asia.


Our Vision

As a faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, YPF seeks to expand the mission of our affiliated institutions by providing financial support, recruiting like-minded faculty members dedicated to educating and equipping students to become key members of their societies, and raising awareness about these important efforts. We are also committed to creating opportunities for children in need by providing life-saving humanitarian aid.

In pursuit of this vision, YPF:

  • Facilitates and mobilizes support from North America
  • Acts as the main source of communication in North America for YUST, PUST, and the Children Feeding Program
  • Maintains and develops a network of supporters in North America who seek to participate and collaborate in partnership with our efforts
  • Upholds the highest standards of financial transparency and accountability to ensure donor trust and legal compliance



Our Projects


Currently in a transition period of becoming a privatized university, YUST was the first Chinese joint-venture university in the Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture and grew to become one of the country’s top universities. The university boasted an international faculty and ensured students graduated with tri-lingual fluency. More importantly, values of integrity and service were instilled throughout the campus and student experience.

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PUST is the first private foreign university to operate within its country and offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Its goal is to provide students with a high quality education that will empower them to become positive economic and intellectual contributors in their country and world. This will in turn allow the country to contribute as a constructive member within the international community.

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Children Feeding Program

The Children Feeding Program is a charitable program that provides humanitarian aid for children aged 10 and under, primarily in the region’s rural areas. Administrators of the program directly purchase food, milk, medicine, and clothing and personally verify that the supplies have been delivered directly to the children, who are housed by local caretakers. No monetary funds are distributed through this program. 

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